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MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture is an artist-run space and think tank dedicated to exploring our global contemporary from the vantage of postcollapse art and theory. Our frames of reference begin with the human experiences from Eastern Europe and Western and Central Asia since the fall of the Berlin Wall but permeate to every corner of our diasporic world-presence. 

Our regional perspective remains underrepresented despite being among the most recent of widespread diasporas resulting from an interconnected network of global wars. Seeing from this vantage, we make the experiences that transpire from this diverse region not only relevant but central to the issues that affect current political life in the US, and in fact, the whole world. Not simply geographic, however, we look outward to define postcollapse as a porous temporal space in which to grapple with the psychic life of normalized instability, the fractured human lives, widespread dispossession, and the myriad of extractions that define our global contemporary.

Whereas the terms postwar, postcolonial, and even postmodern mark the contours of new social realities shaped in the aftermath of certain historical ruptures, the term postcollapse offers a new mode of thinking collectively “from eastward out.” Essentially, postcollapse captures who we are, what we make, and how we think as artists and scholars producing work today. 

MPAC is interested in bold and daring ideas that lead to thoughtful art and research-based projects. Our programming includes art exhibitions, artist talks, roundtables, published manuscripts, and other projects. We invite artists, scholars, and art professionals whose work resonates with postcollapse to make use of our space and resources.

In this space, we create, curate, and collaborate.

MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture is part of the postcollapse.art project.

Some of our projects include:

The Postcollapse Manifesto. Ilknur Demirkoparan and Vuslat D. Katsanis. Istanbul. September 2019.

The MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture: Contemporary Artists and Cultural Workers Networked For Resilience Beyond The Anthropocene. Presentation and roundtable session chaired by Vuslat D. Katsanis. Presentations by Ilknur Demirkoparan, Mirela Kulovic, Mariya Tsaneva, Stefka Hristova. College Art Association 109th Annual Conference. New York, NY. February 2021.

“Postcollapse Art: Contemporary Art Since 1989,” Collection of Essays by Ilknur Demirkoparan, Vuslat D. Katsanis, Deanna Kashani, and Mariya Tsaneva, compiled for the special issue, “Thinking With,” of ASAP/j. (forthcoming 2021).

“The Postcollapse Life: A Conversation on Creative Resilience Beyond the Anthropocene,” with Ilknur Demirkoparan, Vuslat D. Katsanis, and Mirela Kulovic. Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture. Special Issue, “Beyond Post-Humanism.” (Forthcoming 2022).

the team

Ilknur Demirkoparan

Artist | Cofounder

Vuslat D. Katsanis

Scholar | Artist | Cofounder


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