open call
open call [CLOSED]

MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture is pleased to invite submissions for our upcoming exhibition themed, “1989,” to open in October 2021.

MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture is an artist-run space and think tank dedicated to exploring our global contemporary from the vantage of postcollapse art and theory. Our frames of reference begin with the human experiences from East Europe, West and Central Asia, and their diasporas since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and permeate to every corner of our diasporic world-presence. 

Just as the terms postwar, postcolonial, and even postmodern signal the contours of new social realities shaped in the aftermath of certain historical ruptures, we use the term postcollapse as a framework for contextualizing the contemporary practices of artists since 1989. This diverse region, overlooked in the greater contemporary art world, represents a critical framework for understanding our own contemporary moment. Our aim with this open call is to bring visibility to postcollapse as a critical vantage from where to rethink the global contemporary.

We invite submissions from artists in any country who have directly or indirectly experienced the turbulence of the post-1989 years, or whose works speak to some element of life after collapse widely construed. We are particularly interested in works that critically engage ideological, economic, geographic, sociological, or psychological ruptures and shifts. We are also interested in seeing a wide range of work that embraces conceptual art, humor, abstraction, and interdisciplinary projects rather than strictly didactic or literal renditions.

What we offer

♦ Exhibition space

♦ Exhibition catalog 

♦ Written conversation piece published on our website

Full or partial assistance with the cost of shipping


We will review all submissions received by July 30 and respond to artists in early August. The exhibition will open by mid-October and run for 5 weeks. Exact dates are to be determined.

All submissions will be considered for future programming.  

Delivery of Work

Work must be delivered by October 1st. Artists are responsible for delivering or arranging round-trip shipment of their work. All work must arrive ready to install. 




July 30, 2021 [closed]


Artists from all countries are welcome to submit their works for consideration. We welcome works in any medium.

How to Apply

Prepare the following as one pdf file:

  • Your name
  • Contact information, website, and/or social media (if any) 
  • Brief artist statement
  • One paragraph bio
  • 3-5 images of work that represent your practice. Please include titles, medium, year, and dimensions. 

Send all of the above as a single PDF (not exceeding 5MB) by email to:

Please edit the subject of your email to (1989: Firstname Lastname). Please do not attach multiple files.

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